Offices all over the world.

With offices in Panama, Bogota,Taipei, Lima, Marbella and Lisbon, SIGMACARGO utilizes its contacts to purchase key commodities that are sold in Mainland China through a network that SIGMACARGO principals developed over the past decade. The purchasing network covers the United States, Colombia,Peru,.

Our Strategy.

tradingThe strategy involves operating in niche sectors within large-volume commodities, using local Chinese partners to assure the openness of channels. We are focuses on coal (both thermal and metallurgical), iron ore, our program involves back-to-back, year-long contracts to minimize commodity price risk.

Taipei management has been in China for over a year and has developed the domestic network necessary to operate its program. Our strength additionally rises from a strong network in key global financial markets.


We aim to become a leading niche-sector trader of China-bound com-modities. We focus on a few commodities – iron, copper, coaland utilize a seasoned network to acquire and market these commodities. Our staff speaks nine languages, is ethnically diverse, and has experience working in three continents. .